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Felicia's Favorites

Does Felicia, owner and lead maker of Citchen Candle Co., have favorites? 
She does! Here is a collection of Felicia's favorite scents. The ones she enjoys making the most and why! 
Ginger Fig 
This was actually the first scent that Felicia had ever made. It is the scent that inspired it all. After wanting something fruity but also warm and soothing. She paired fruity fig with just a touch of ginger, to warm it up. This is the one scent she always suggests for sweet but not sugar sweet for a full bodied aromatic experience. 
Grapefruit Basil 
Bright and zesty with just the right amount of herbalness. This scent is perfect for small spaces as its citrusy and not overwhelming. Perfect if you have smells you wish you did not smell. This is Felicia's favorite gifting scent. As most people really do enjoy it and its universally pleasing. 
Apple Pumpkin 
Is this scent basic? Yes, but basic does not have to be boring. This is sweet, warm and even a little tart. It complex and its autumn in a jar. Its homey and cozy and it just works when you want to cozy up. 

Hopefully you love these scents as much as Felicia does, if not that is okay there is plenty other scents that Citchen Candle Co., makes that are also great. Explore the Citchen Candle Co., range of offerings and find your favorite smell.