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12oz Bubka Scented Soy Candle | The Yiddish Life Collection

12oz Bubka Scented Soy Candle | The Yiddish Life Collection

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Bubka: Whoever you talk to, they will all say they have a favorite kind of Bubka. Ours is a variety that has cinnamon, maple and nuts in it, how Canadian eh? This scent is a big one with lots of wonderful notes happing. Top notes of maple and butter, middle notes of cinnamon and pecans and a base of sweet vanilla bread. This scent is wonderfully rich and has many working notes that come together to achieve that smell... you know which one we are talking about. 

History: babka is a sweet braided bread which originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. It is popular Israel and often referred to as simply a yeast cake. It is prepared with a yeast leavened dough that is rolled out and spread with a filling such as chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, or cheese, then rolled up and braided before baking.

Information and Ingredients: Handcrafted in small batches using Canadian soy wax and essential oil-based scent. Citchen Candle Co. candles emit no harmful chemicals, are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and luxurious. Crafted in 100% reusable Canadian Made mason jars.

Burn Time 75-100hrs